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I often get the question: What sort of music do you play? I think there’s only one way to really respond. Here’s a link for a mix I recently put together that has a bit of a genre identity crisis. I’m making this available for people that took the time to actually read about the event, or visit my DJ page, as a bit of a thank you. So thanks!

Breakfast of Champions 2017

I couldn’t stay away for long.   Go get your tickets to the best party you will ever attend:



With Thanksgiving behind us Space Cowboys are focused on the holidays ahead and we all know what that means. We are proud to announce the DJ roster of the 17th annual installment of Breakfast of Champions. We have a lot of great DJs, crews, friends old and new playing this year. We couldn’t be more excited to bring them all to you.

Special Guests
Marques Wyatt / DEEPLA
Lee Reynolds / Desert Hearts
Wes Smith / Juice Recordings
Patricio / Do Lab / Favela Music
DJ Mes / Guesthouse Music
Jeno Void / WICKED / Noise from the Void
WhiteNoize / Ultra / InStereo

Friends of Cowboys
Bachelors Of Science / CODE Recordings
Cptn Jay / Airpusher
DJ Brian / Mystopia
DJ kev/null / Rhythm Society / Frolic
Eric Riggsbee / Faultline
Ethan Miller / FnF
Felix the Dog / Groundscore SF
Haute Mess / Brass Tax / Angels of bAss
Leyl Master Black / dEOxidized
Little John the DJ / Raindance
Lushbunny / NUTZ
Motion Potion / SFFunk / Janky Barge
Nugz / Dusty Rhino
Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist / True Skool
Simo / Sleevin’ Records / Drift
Sychosis / Hot Cakes/Punks
ViaJay / Angels of bAss

Space Cowboy DJ’s
Josh Damon / 8Ball
Brad Robinson
Erik Hz the DJ
Kapt N Kirk
Dj Mancub
DJ Deckard

I got featured on Humans for the Future

Photo By Chele Gutek

“You are in charge of making yourself happy, so choose to be happy and let go of your expectations, then you can truly enjoy the ride!”
-Erik, adventurer.

Posted by Humans for the Future on Tuesday, October 13, 2015